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CAST Gives Mars Helicopter Ingenuity a Lift

Before Ingenuity could lift off the surface of Mars, it underwent testing under special conditions here on Earth. Scientists employed a custom wind tunnel designed and built by researchers from Caltech’s Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies and NASA's Jet Propulsion

Image for Machine Learning Helps Robot Swarms Coordinate

Machine Learning Helps Robot Swarms Coordinate

Machine learning lets swarms of drones learn new environments on the fly, navigating cluttered spaces without bumping into each other or anything else.

Morteza Gharib

Minds Wide Open at CAST

Professor Morteza Gharib, Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Bioinspired Engineering and Director of the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at Caltech, talks about the challenges and triumphs of helping autonomous vehicles learn.

Fred Hadaegh

JPL Chief Technologist Lands AIAA Award

Believe in your vision and don't get disappointed if people don't immediately jump on the bandwagon." That's the advice of JPL Chief Technologist Fred Hadaegh for other JPLers hoping to make major inroads in technology. Hadaegh has followed that philosophy throughout his career at JPL (since 1984) and has helped the Lab become a world leader in technologies previously deemed improbable by many skeptics.