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Moonshot #1: Explorers

Planetary, Underwater, and Space Explorers

  • Robot mobility and teaming to navigate unknown and complex terrestrial environments
  • Planetary science explorers surviving and operating remotely on land, in water, and in space

Moonshot #2: Guardians

Dynamic Event Monitors and First Responders

  • Robot teams monitoring and responding to dynamic events (earthquakes, tsunamis, plumes, etc)
  • Surveying, gathering, and distributing critical information, thus multiplying the effectiveness of human responders

Moonshot #3: Transformers

Swarms of Autonomous Robots Transforming Shapes and Functions

  • In-space and on-surface deployment, construction, and assembly of complex structures (e.g., space telescopes, planetary habitats)
  • Formation flying, self-assembly, and reconfiguration of autonomous swarms for science, observation, and communication

Moonshot #4: Transporters

Robotic Flying Ambulances and Delivery Drones

  • Safe operation of flying ambulances and urban aerial mobility systems surviving all weather conditions
  • Aerial delivery systems on Earth and Mars

Moonshot #5: Partners

Robots Helping and Entertaining People

  • Butlers and nurses caring for the sick and elderly
  • Entertainers and guides safely interacting with visitors
  • Robots helping doctors perform surgery and improve recovery
  • Assistive devices improving function, mobility, and quality of life